Baku Shopping Festival (BSF)

Frequently asked questions for the website and data centre

General questions

11 What is Baku Shopping Festival?
BSF is an annual seasonal shopping event held in Baku. During the festival, city malls, shops and restaurants and other venues will offer special discounts and gifts, and host entertainment events. Read more about BSF: (link about BSF)
22 When will the Festival be held?
Festivals are planned for at least twice a year. The first one will be held on April 10 - May 10. The second festival is scheduled for October.
33 Who can take part in the festival?
Companies that wish to have representation as partners or sponsors of the event as well as government agencies, tourism organizations, malls, cafes and restaurants, beauty salons and transport organizations, that want to offer their products and services, mass media outlets and those who want to work or volunteer at the event. For further information, please click here:
44 What facilities, shops, restaurants and malls will participate in the festival?
Shops and restaurants located in the large malls in the city and other facilities. These venues will have Baku Shopping Festival stickers in their shop windows and cashier's desks.
55 What are the advantages of participation in the festival and how can participants benefit from special offers, discounts and lotteries will be there?
As a festival participant, you get discounts in various campaigns and promotional activities as well as special gifts and other surprises. Anyone can have a chance to win simply by making a cash payment or credit card payment. Read more here: (NEWS AND DEALS link)
66 What entertainment will be held during the festival?
See venues and dates of entertainment events during BSF here: (EVENTS CALENDAR link)
77 Where can I register as a volunteer?
88 Where can I register to work during the festival?
99 Where can I register as a participant?
1010 How can media outlets get official information about the BSF structure and activities?
Mass media outlets have to register to receive official information here: (MEDIA INQ link) Please contact
1111 Who is organizing BSF?
The organisation and hosting of shopping festivals has assigned to Azerbaijan Convention Bureau under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan.


11 Who can become a festival participant?
Local and foreign trade entities, airports and other transport service providers as well as restaurants and other public catering facilities, travel agencies, guesthouses, other local and foreign enterprises and individual entrepreneurs.
22 What does it mean to be a participant? What advantages does the participant get?
Participation gives the following advantages: - The right to use the BSF trademark during the festivals - The chance to join the VAT refund program - The chance to participate in various engagement programs - The participant will have the recognition of buyers and tourists. Enterprises that do not join the festival as official participants will not be able to take advantage of these privileges. The list of registered participants is published on the BSF official website.
33 Why should I be a festival participant?
The purpose of privileges for buyers and sellers is to encourage shopping tourism in the country and increase spending in the retail industry, public catering facilities and guest houses. In order to attract buyers, the organizer of the festival will implement numerous marketing and information campaigns within the year and engagement activities during the festival both in the country and abroad. The participants of the festival will have favourable conditions to enjoy a substantial increase of their income and turnover. Enterprises that will not participate in the festival, - will not be able to have the privileges listed above - will not be able to participate in the festival program, - will not be able to join the VAT refund program, - will not be able to take part in any engagement activities.
44 What should I do to become a participant?
Commercial enterprises and entrepreneurs that want to participate in the festival are registered by the organizer. Registration can be done through hand-written application or the online application form on the festival’s official website.
55 How do you get information about the registration period and dates?
The registration period is determined by the festival organizer after the dates of each festival are announced. See detailed information on the BSF official website.
66 What is the relation between registration and the VAT refund program for sellers?
Taxpayers’ registration that want to sell under the VAT refund program during the festivals will be done by the Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan. But before that, it is necessary to register as participants of the festival.
77 I could not register on the festival website during the specified period. What should I do?
Candidates who failed to register within the specified period can register for the next festival.
88 What is feedback period for application?
Within the first five (5) working days after application, the completeness of submitted information is verified. If any piece of information or a document is missing, the applicant is requested to submit it within three (3) working days. The applicant should submit the specified information and/or document within the specified period.
99 In what cases will registration be rejected?
- if false information is submitted; - if the applicant intentionally submitted false, wrong or incomplete information; - if the services are not relevant to the determined requirements; - if the organisation’s financial and technical capacity is not in line with the festival requirements; After addressing deficiencies that caused registration rejection, the candidate can re-apply for participation
1010 When can registration be terminated?
- When festival brands and symbols are used without permission; - When obligations specified in the participation package are not fulfilled; - When the festival's unified policy and procedures are breached, when customers complain about service quality, when revealed deficiencies are not addressed in due time; - When the service agreement between the organizer and the participant is breached and when revealed deficiencies are not addressed in due time; - When intentionally false information is submitted to buyers to pass the registration process which violate the festival participant package and VAT refund program; - When deficiencies revealed during the quality control monitorings done by the festival organizer or during review of complaints are not addressed in due time; - When the participant rejects standard data submission procedure required by the organizer; - When the participant's activity has legal restrictions; - When the participant applied for volunteering as well
1111 What happens if due to some reason, a participant's registration is terminated?
If this happens, the participant has to remove all information related to the festival (trademarks, promotion materials, electronic information) from its information carriers.
1212 Will a service agreement be signed?
The registered participant and the festival organizer will sign the agreement to regulate duties and responsibilities, rights and obligations of both parties as well as clarify the termination procedure of participation in the festival.
1313 What are the payment infrastructure requirements?
For retail transactions, the trading agent registered at the tax authorities in line with the tax legislation has to have a cashier's box and operational POS terminals.
1414 What is the Global Village?
Space allocated for commercial and entertainment purposes during the festivals where the trade fair is located and entertainment events take place under special permission and registration. In this space registration for other merchants is done under similar principles.
1515 How are the participant's activities controlled?
During festivals the organizer will control various aspects of the participant's activities. Participants’ activities will be assessed through monitoring, secret checks of the service quality level, contractual obligations fulfilment, discount offerings and VAT refund process, disputes settlements with buyers and other aspects. Also, information gathered via Internet and call-centre operations will be considered.
1616 Will the participants receive a certificate of participation in the festival?
Yes. The festival organizer will give the presence permit document to all participants that have signed the service agreement. This document will always have to be kept on the business premises for possible audit purposes.
1717 Is it possible to hold independent campaigns?
Festival participants can hold some independent entertainment events, special campaigns and promo lotteries. But in this case all activities should be confirmed by the organizer in writing.
1818 How can an organisation join the VAT refund process?
Registration of taxpayers that sell under VAT refund process is done by the Ministry of Taxes of RA. See detailed information on the website


11 How is it best to travel to Baku for BSF?
All necessary details of the Festival packages related to partner airline companies, buses, trains, roads are available on the Festival website Flight information is available here: Bus routes information is here: For railway information click here:
22 How can you get visa to Azerbaijan?
Foreign citizens and persons without citizenship can get electronic visa through the ASAN Visa system when entering Azerbaijan. The maximum permitted period of stay in the country under the electronic visa is 30 days. To get the electronic visa, please click on the link of ASAN Visa
33 What are the tourism packages organised for the festival?
Information about VIP, standard and economic packages is available here (PACKAGES link)
44 What hotels are the official partners of the festival partners?
Detailed information on premium and middle class hotels, hostels and houses is available on the website

VAT refund

11 What is VAT refund?
Refund of VAT to individuals prescribed by law for certain goods in Azerbaijan.
22 What is the purpose of the VAT refund?
VAT refund is a privilege offered by the government to its citizens and foreigners for retail trade and tourism development.
33 What are the differences between VAT refund for the citizens of Azerbaijan and foreigners?
Foreign citizens and persons without citizenship can benefit from VAT refund ("tax-free") within a year (including shopping festivals). Citizens of Azerbaijan and foreigners with permanent or temporary residence status can benefit from the VAT refund only during festival period.
44 What goods are not subject to VAT refund?
- Goods for production or commercial purposes; - Food-stuff; - Medicines and medical supplies; - Goods that are exempted from VAT in the country; - Raw, unsorted and non-processed precious stones; - Precious materials in the form of ingots; - Transport vehicles and spare parts.
55 What purchase amount is subject to VAT refund?
VAT refund is applicable for purchases over 100 AZN (including VAT) during shopping festivals. At other times, the minimum purchase amount for foreigners is 300 AZN (including VAT).
66 How can I get the VAT refund?
- At the purchase the seller shall ask the buyer if he would like to claim the VAT refund; - If the seller intends claim the refund, the buyer shall give a general overview of the guidelines; - The seller shall execute the related electronic invoice (e-VHF) and upload it to the online database. - The electronic invoice (e-VHF) shall be printed out in two copies, both given to the buyer. The invoice should have the signature and stamp of the seller. - The buyer will submit both copies of e-VHF at the VAT refund office. - The refund office employee will review the purchased goods. - Upon confirmation, e-VHF shall be transferred to the authorized bank; - The buyer should approach the authorized bank; - The authorized bank shall confirm the VAT refund transaction and pay the amount to the buyer.
77 What information will the seller require from the buyer?
- The buyer's full name; - Their ID card series and number; - The citizenship of the buyer (or country of departure for persons without citizenship);
88 What is needed at the refund office to get back the VAT amount?
The buyer that paid VAT should submit their e-VHF and the purchased goods at the VAT refund office.
99 What is the VAT refund office?
The office specifically established for official VAT refunds on goods purchased during the shopping festival. Addresses and work schedules of the offices shall be published on the festivals' official websites.
1010 What should you do if the e-VHF execution and printout failed?
In this case the seller should fill in and endorse three copies of the invoice on the blank form. One copy shall remain with the seller, two others shall be given to the buyer.
1111 What trade facilities will refund VAT on purchased goods?
VAT refund shall be applied only at the trade facilities registered with the relevant tax authorities for participation in the shopping festivals and for the VAT refund.
1212 How can the buyer find out about those facilities?
The list of facilities registered for participation in the shopping festivals and for VAT refund will be published on the festival's official website. Registered facilities will also use special signs.
1313 I made purchases at a participating trade facility of the shopping festival, but the shop appears to apply simplified tax. Can I get my VAT refunded?
No. You cannot get it because in this case you do not pay VAT, only simplified tax.
1414 In what form will I receive the VAT refund?
VAT refund is done in cash or wire transfer to the bank account of buyer. The choice is made by the buyer.
1515 How soon can I get a VAT refund after I have made purchases?
Consumer has to apply during the day of purchase. VAT refund will be paid by the authorized banks during the day of receipt of the goods bought.
1616 Where can I get the VAT refund?
VAT refund is processed at the branches of banks authorized for the shopping festivals. A list of these banks is published on the official website of the shopping festival. Presently, Silk Way Bank, Kapital Bank and Pasha Bank are authorised banks of shopping festivals.
1717 Is there any service fee for the VAT refund?
Buyers receive 67% of the VAT amount (indicated in e-tax invoice) after deducting fees associated with tax-free services and bank services; the amount of the refund will be 10.2% of the total purchase amount.
1818 What has the buyer got to do to get VAT refunded to their bank account or credit card?
The buyer should put one copy of the e-VHF endorsed by the seller in the special box at the VAT refund office.
1919 In the case of VAT being refunded in foreign currency what exchange rate will be used?
It will be the exchange rate set by the authorized bank on the day of VAT refund.
2020 I want to return the purchased goods. What should I do?
In this case the seller has to take back both copies of Tax Invoice (e-VHF) and delete the e-VHF from database. If buyer returns the purchased goods after VAT refund, seller pays back amount of the goods cost (i.e. without VAT amount).
2121 What legislation regulates VAT refund?
VAT refund to foreigners is done in line with the article 165.3 of the Tax Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan entitled "Procedure of VAT Refund for Non-Production and Non-Commercial Goods Purchased by Foreign Citizens and Persons Without Citizenship in Azerbaijan" and in line with the Presidential Decree on approval of this Procedure. During the shopping festivals VAT refund will be made in line with article 165.4 of the Tax Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan entitled "Procedure of VAT Refund for Non-Production and Non-Commercial Goods Purchased by Foreign Citizens and Persons Without Citizenship in Azerbaijan" and in line with the Presidential Decree on approval of this Procedure.

Partners and sponsors

11 What kind of advantages will BSF partners get?
The BSF Organizing Committee gives private business owners an advantage to make a contribution in this long-term and promising project as partners and sponsors. Advantages of support to BSF are as follows: • Support to one of the largest projects in history of Azerbaijan. • Chance to increase brand recognition through exclusive relations with the festival. • Chance to present the brand to the broad audience of the festival and beyond Azerbaijan. • Membership in the elite club of partner companies. • Training, motivation and positive impact on the business’ staff. • Chances to establish relations with large organizations interested in cooperation
22 What types of coopartaion ara available with BSF?
BSF offers the following packages to private business owners: • Premium Partner of Baku Shopping Festival • Partner of Baku Shopping Festival • Premium Sponsor of Baku Shopping Festival • Sponsor of Baku Shopping Festival
33 What advantages will Premium Partners get?
For detailed information please contact us via e-mail address
44 What advantages will Partners get?
For detailed information please contact us via e-mail address
55 What advantages will Premium Sponsors get?
For detailed information please contact us via e-mail address
66 What advantages will Sponsors get?
For detailed information please contact us via e-mail address
77 What are the registration dates for partners and sponsors?
The registration period is determined by the festival organizer after the dates of each festival are announced. See detailed information on the BSF official website.