The Festival’s Surprises - Instant Promotional Lottery

General definitions:

A promotional lottery is a form of lottery played among persons that bought goods (work or services) to stimulate its subsequent sale.

An instant lottery means a lottery that is put in circulation immediately after the purchase of a lottery ticket by a participant of that lottery bringing him/her the right to participate in the lottery notwithstanding other lottery participants.

Prize money is a total volume (a value) of funds, other property (or item) and services (works) that are envisaged to be offered (paid) as a result of winning in accordance with the lottery rules.

1. Information about the lottery organizer

The lottery organizer is the Azerbaijan Convention Bureau LLC located at the following address: bld.65, Neftchilar Avenue, Sabail district, city of Baku; taxpayer ID 1701539181; phone: 012 488 67 15;

– The lottery will last from 01 November 2017 until 26 November 2017 (hereinafter referred to as ‘the lottery lifecycle’);

– The lottery announcement and the information about changes and others will appear in advance on, the official website of the Baku        Shopping Festival  and official website of the AzerTac Information Agency 

2. Information about lottery participants

– Any person that makes one-time shopping of over AZN100 at any store participating in the second Baku Shopping Festival can be a lottery participant.

3.Rules of obtaining a lottery ticket

– A client is given by a seller two signed and sealed copies of e-invoice as the data on his/her ID card is entered by the seller into the relevant system of the Ministry of Taxes for the purpose of VAT refund while shopping at any store of the Festival.

– Then, the client should submit goods jointly with its e-invoice to the Tax Refund Point acting during the Festival period. The tax authority representative verifies e-invoice at that Point and gives back one copy to the client by sealing and making special notes on it.

– A client should apply to the Information Desk from 01 November to 26 November 2017 with e-invoice and ID card (after he sees the Tax Refund Point or receives some part of VAT from a bank). Depending on the shopping volume indicated on e-invoice, the client is given 1 (one) or 2 (two) lottery tickets on the information desk.

– Before getting a lottery ticket, the client submits his/her ID card, the original copy of e-invoice sealed at the Tax Refund Point; his/her phone numbers and email address.

4. Description of lottery tickets

– The front side of a lottery ticket will feature the Baku Shopping Festival logo and the name of lottery in color format. On the reverse side, it shows the name and address of the lottery organizer, the form of lottery, the rules related to prize money as well as the ways of acceptance of a winning lottery ticket by the organizer, the rules of bonus presentation (payment), its duration, serial number and the space of instant lottery (Scratch-and-win).

– The bonus won can be obtained by lottery participants in accordance with the existing rules only.

– In total, 80,000 lottery tickets will be put in circulation.
  20,500 out of that number will be winning tickets.

5. Playing the prize fund– defining the lottery winner; rules ant terms of receiving the prize

– How to play prize fund? Determination of a lottery participant who will gain right to win prize and lottery participant who won prize (hereinafter referred to as ‘the winner’) will be performed  accordning to existing rules by taking into account  given instructions bellow:

– During the second Baku Shopping Festival, anyone that makes one-time shopping with the value of over AZN100 in one of the official stores can become a lottery participant.

– The number of lottery tickets is defined in accordance with the shopping amount as follows:

– Shopping with the value from AZN100 to AZN500 brings 1 lottery ticket;
Shopping with the value of AZN500 and more provides 2 lottery tickets.

– A client should contact the Information Desk from 01 November 2017 until 26 November 2017 and submit the original copy of e-invoice sealed at the Tax Refund Point and ID card (after he/she receives the VAT refund amount from a bank). Having presented e-invoice, ID card, phone number and email address to the Information Desk, a client is given a relevant number of lottery tickets depending on the amount of shopping.

– The lottery has a Scratch-to-Win field on its surface. By scratching this field , a shopper gets a chance to become a winner instantly. Once there is no winning, the scratch field will reveal the following words: Try Again!

– Gifts won are presented to a winner either right at place or at previously agreed time and place not later than 30 (thirty) working days since the winning lottery ticket is accepted. The winner should sign a relevant document as he/she receives it.

– Winning lottery tickets should be given back to the employee of the Information Desk of the Baku Shopping Festival (hereinafter referred as ‘the employee’).

– Once a gift cannot be presented right at place, then, a winning person should present the original copy of e-invoice enabling his/her participation at the lottery, the original ID card and the Winning Ticket (it should be integral, fully readable, free of any torn or altered parts) to receive a gift later.

– If a winner is not able to submit one of mentioned documents and does not sign a relevant document on receiving a gift, then he/she cannot be presented with that gift.

– In case of any contest related to the ownership of a ticket, the Azerbaijan Convention Bureau reserves the right to deny the presentation of a gift until the courts and relevant law-enforcement bodies of the Republic of Azerbaijan take a decision.

6. Liability Limitation

– The liability of the lottery organizer is limited by the value and the number of winning options defined by the current rules.

6. Presentation of Information

– By participating in the lottery, a participant confirms his/her consent on the use of his/her name and surname (including the divulgence to third parties) in any method-based marketing purposes envisaged in the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

– A lottery participant consents to the free-of-charge use of information mentioned, his/her photos, interviews and other materials in mass media in printed and audio-video formats.

8. Rules and methods on providing information related to the lottery terms

– Information about the lottery rules and the prize money are provided at

– The participation in the lottery shall automatically mean that a participant is aware with current rules and gives his/her full consent.

– Information about the lottery rules is provided in the announcement on lottery and a short description of lottery published in advertising materials.

– To obtain detailed information, please dial tel: 1547 during the lottery period or write to