Traditional Cuisine

Azerbaijani cuisine is one of the most ancient, rich and delicious in the world. Tastes and recipes including spices and aroma additions make it close to Oriental cuisine, but with a distinctive twist. Azerbaijani cuisine – dolma, bozbash, bozartma, chigirtma, hashil, kebabs, piti, pilaf, govurma – are included in the national menu of many Caucasus peoples.

Sweets in Azerbaijan also have special features. In Azerbaijani cuisine there are several bakery products, such as shekerbura, pahlava, shekerchorek, kurabia, Karabakh kete, Guba tihma, Lenkoran kulcha, Sheki pahlava, Nakhchivan pakhlava and much more.

In any part of Azerbaijan you will have a warm hospitality and hear the greeting “Nush olsun!” (enjoy your meal!). You will regularly hear these sincere words from our hospitable people.